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Thursday, April 9, 2015

A new member to the family, meet Daisy...

We have a new addition to the family,
please help us welcome...
Daisy is a full blooded dachshund , 
her mom is a long haired dachshund,
and dad is a short haired dachshund.
She is a sweetie pie, 
and the whole family is head over heels for her. 
She is a puppy though, so we are getting used to being new parents again!
Hence the late night post from lack of sleep! LOL! This too shall pass!
Good Night! Robert ~ Halloween Fanatic Originals


Lisa J. Ammerman said...

Congratulations on your new family member! I know all about those first few nights with a new puppy! We got one a few months ago! I had forgotten about those sleepless nights! They will pass! Good luck with her.
I love her name, by the way. I lost my beloved Daisy last summer after almost 16 great years! Your Daisy is adorable and I wish you many years of happiness with her!

Ann Marie Jones Allen said...

First of all congratulations. She is beautiful. I look so forward to your art with her as your muse. If you have never had a dachshund before I will give you a few tips. They love to jump, discourage jumping down off of furniture. This compresses their spinal column. Discourage her from sitting up in a begging position. Same reason. Pick her up supporting her front and butt at the same time. Have her spade unless you are going to breed her this prevents breast cancer. Keep her at a very healthy weight. I tell you all of this from experience. I have had 6 dachshunds throughout my life. 3 have had back problems and one had breast cancer. They are wonderful loving protective pets. Enjoy your new family member.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I can't tell from the photo if that's sunshine, or if she's a "dapple", but she's looking dapple to me. A spitting image to my Noel, a longhaired dapple doxie. Your Daisy is adorable!
Congrats! These dogs tend to have major personality, so get ready!
Erica :)