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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

As promised...Back Again...

As promised I am back blogging again today...two days in a row, it is a small miracle.
Yesterday amongst all the things I needed to get done, 
and wanted to get done, I sat down and painted this little canvas. 
I had said while we were at the beach last week, that I really loved the colors in my beach towel,
which reflects the love of teals and turquoises that run throughout our little home. 
So I picked up this little canvas, and was lucky enough to be there on buy one get one free day, actually I think the sale goes on all week. 
Who knows what I will paint on the other canvas, something Halloweeny, I suspect...
Here is the little canvas painted in a small vignette, the pottery is by a local artist and friend 
Melissa Bentley, the Bulldog, Zinnia is of course by Johanna Parker, and the zinnia marble is by another Carolina artist Andrew Lazenby. 
Click on the links below for more information on these artists:

Satin Paints by Martha Stewart @ Michaels


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