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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday-Day 1...Despicable Darko...

Taking you through my work one day at a time...
First up sculpting the piece!I find that I use tools 15 and 22 the most, #15 for poking, and rolling. I like #22 to curving areas, and applying pressure to areas that I want pressed down. Here is the sculpted piece that I plan on auctioning off on Friday. I sculpted this skeleton on a wooden base that I bought at Lowe's, he is sculpted in Sculpey Polymer clay, yeah I am using the "GOOD STUFF" on this guy, (or should I say the more expensive stuff), I do however appreciate the look it gives, a lot stiffer than the other polymer clay I use, but I prefer not to use the medium to make it softer, I like the work!! Check back tomorrow for the next phase in creating this fellow, and each day until Friday when this fellow will be up for AUCTION ON EBAY!

1 comment:

Malissa said...

I'll be following this week for more tips! I am self taught and still learning so much that this is great! (my favorite tools are numbered 1-10 and never leave my hands! lol)