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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, sweet dreams...

It is time for new things and SWEET DREAMS...
and it is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone, 
and the New Year is almost here...
Thinking ahead about new dreams is something we have
totally prepared for. 
A Christmas present that seems to have been a theme is new bedding!! 
My brother-in-law and sister-in-law bought all new bedding for the 
kids, which is a gift they will enjoy for many, many, many nights to come. 
I purchased a new bedding set for my wife, and she picked up a new Vellux blanket for me, 
if you do not have one already, I highly recommend getting one. 
 To make the sleeping experience even better, I picked up some 
eucalyptus yesterday to put in a big piece of pottery in our bedroom,
so let the dreaming  begin? YES!!! 
Oh and we cannot forget about the ghost of Christmas yet to come??? 
Check out this wonderful work of art by Disney Artist Miss Mindy
she created this fellow for me, inspired by the 1937 Disney short film

I am just amazed by her talent, and love having her work in my home. 
Well I am off to Dreamland, but I hope you enjoy this little post 
from my home to yours, keep dreaming and 
Happy New Years to you and yours!!
Robert~Halloween Fanatic Originals

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