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Friday, February 27, 2015

Saying goodbye to Twinkle...

(Twinkle as seen in Halloween with Matthew Mead)
Today we say goodbye to Twinkle.
Twinkle was our little star,
Halloween Fanatic's Mascot, 
our four legged family member, 
and sweet friend. 
She has gone on to a better place, 
and we feel so blessed to have had her in our lives. 
She lived a good little life, 
was loved by many, 
but just knew a few. 
She appeared in several magazines, 
and never knew, 
but she was our little star, 
and she will be missed. 
Much ♥ to our Twinkle, our little Star! 
 Twinkle by Chris Klingler

 Twinkle and I by Jenny Holiday and Aaron N.

Twinkle has been caught by the eyes and creative hands of so many artists, including some of these shown above and below...
 Twinkle by Chris Klingler
Twinkle by Kristen Beason
Twinkle by Brandi McKenna
Twinkle meets Twinkle by Anthony Costanza
 Twinkle by Flora Thompson
Twinkle by Nicole D. Johnson
 Twinkle by Johanna Parker
 Twinkle traveled all over with Jorge de Rojas, 
she visited California, seen here at 
Halloween and Vine
Twinkle by Jorge de Rojas
Twinkle by Lori Rudolph
Twinkle by David Everett
Twinkle by me
Twinkle by Lori Rudolph
Twinkle by Alycia Matthews

These are not all, but as you can see, she was a special girl!


DreamedByArlene said...

Our furbabies leave deep imprints on our hearts and they are never here long enough. So many wonderful, love-fueled creations to remember her by. She will live forever in love and memory. So sorry for your loss, Robert.

Flora said...

Dear Robert, I'm so sorry for your loss, we are all so blessed to have one or a few in our lives.Long live Twinkles in spirit and in our hearts. Much Love and Blessings,Flora

Christopher Klingler said...

So sorry for your loss Robert. What a wonderful collection of art to remember Twinkle by.

SpOOky Best,

Sonia Rodriguez said...

So sorry for your loss Robert, deepest sympathy for your you and your family. Beautiful collection of Twinkle ♡

donnie said...


Penny Grotz Streit said...

I remember her when you first got her as a puppy. She was a sweetheart. So sorry for your loss Robert

Leslie said...

xo Twinkle! Hugs from Batlimore

Leanne E said...

Sorry to hear of your loss-- she seems a real treasure... Love all of the Twinkles that are a salute to her life :)