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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Digging It...

Oh yeah, I am digging it!

I have been doing a little research about something I have always loved,


Terrariums of course are gardens under glass, how this looks varies greatly depending on what your style is, availability, and price point. You can make a terrarium out of an old pickle jar, and some small wonderful plants. You can create one under a bell jar, or beautiful glass container. You can invest in a large standing Edwardian display.
There are several wonderful publications, and information on the World Wide Web on terrariums, caring for terrariums, and planting your terrariums. The world is the limit. So slide on over to your favorite search engine, and enter terrariums for a fun exploration of the little worlds under glass!

One of the best things about a terrarium is that you can get your children involved. This is great to install an appreciation for gardening, and teach some responsibility, when the children help care for the plants.

Terrariums make for a great display for everyday life in the home, and
special occasions. There are several blogs that are dedicated to terrariums for wedding table displays. This is what sparked my revived interest in terrariums. My brother is getting married in June, and so we are searching for creative ideas. I have also been inspired to start one with my children, stay tuned to see what we create! ~Robert: Halloween Fanatic Originals

Some fun links:






LuLu Kellogg said...

Robert...these are really pretty!

Denise Bledsoe said...

Hi Robert,
Great post! I've always loved the magical world of terrariums...you can imagine shrinking down and becoming part of the "landscape". Years ago, I built a large one that was the home of a small frog for several years - he ate wheat germ and turtle food.
Love your work!