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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What now?

What Happened???
If you are like me the day after Christmas is
just so underwhelming.. we work
frantically trying to get all the
baking, shopping, cleaning, decorating in
before the holiday.
After the holiday comes what?
Clean up?
Why does that always feel like such a chore??
It is almost like a one day depression sets in, and BLAH-HUMBUG!
After regrouping and gathering my thoughts,
there is new hope.
Gearing up for a rescheduled party,
thinking about New Years,
and resolutions,
re-decorating, organizing for the winter months ahead.
Well just the thought of snowmen makes me smile.
All Christmas decor does not have to go away right now.
Enjoy your favorite snowmen,
or keep out your three kings until Three Kings Day.
Celebrate life, and living, and keep Christmas in your heart everyday.
This simple little phrase had never made much sense to me until now.
There is so much possibility in 2012, it is unimaginable,
so let's embrace life, and make it fabulous.
Stay tuned for photos from our Polar Express Party,
New Years and more...

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