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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still a Halloween Fanatic...

Wonderful New Ornaments for my Halloween Tree, by Three Great Artists!!!!!!!

I know it seems like forever since I have posted about collecting, well don't think by any means I have stopped. I have been on a roll creating, but I have also been on a roll collecting! I purchased a 6 ft. Halloween tree, among other trees, and there will be a Halloween forest this year in true Halloween Fanatic style. I have been putting a lot of my collecting into ornaments this year! I currently have about thirty ornaments, but would love to have around 50 to really show off the tree, so I am making arrangements each day, as many of you already to know...

Last week was a great week for my collection...first to arrive was a new lil devil from Kristen Beason! Her works always make me smile, and especially this one, since it came as a gift! It was very thoughtful of Kristen to make me one. I picked up another piece from Kristen at her blog sale last week! Double fun last week with new pieces from Kristen.

Check out Kristen's Blog

Also last week I got a new Twinkle ornament from Kathren at Codys Keepsakes! She has been following my blog, and I hers for a while now. She had seen my Twinkle collections and sent me the sweetest Twinkle ornament! It is a key, and you know how much my family means to me and Twinkle is family. So she really sent me a key to my heart! I love this little ornament, and will be so proud to place it on my tree this year!!!!

Check out Kathren's Blog
One more, last but certainly not least a "Grimmy" YES Grimmy ornament from Carmen over at Spooky Hollow! It is the cutest little spook ever to pop out of a letter block I have ever seen, lucky enough to have swapped with Carmen.

Check out Carmen's blog

Keep an eye out more ornaments are on the way and we are only a few shorts months away from putting up decorations for our favorite holiday...Halloween!!!

Halloween Fanatic~Robert


Whimsyfolkartist said...

awe that was sweet Thank you and Grimmy thanks you!

Connie said...

Love them, Robert! Congratulations. Your collection continues to expand in a wonderful way!