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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making some changes...

I have been slowly making some changes...
It seems like you get into such a routine, often a rutt, of how you do things. Well mine started out as a routine and has turned into an unwanted rutt...
What am I talking about you ask?? Well for one, packaging, in the beginning I was so good about packing up a piece, including a little token, or note, or both, for appreciation, and it seems like I have gotten so slack about it. I want to do it, and it seemed so easy over Halloween and Christmas, and at Easter they were surrounded by Easter grass. I am always looking for a new way to make things look better and more appealing, because I know I always appreciate the look of the wrapping, and packaging, like receiving a gift!!I bought a wonderful punch from Micheal's, a Martha Stewart one and then a new tiny whole punch today, also Martha, so look for cute little hang tags to start appearing with my new pieces, starting soon, each with a teeny tiny illustration on the front, and a signature on the back.

Speaking of signatures, that is another thing that is changing, with all of my new pieces you will see something new, I bought a set of letter stamps, and on the base of each piece there will be stamped into the clay H.F.O. for Halloween Fanatic Originals!! I had been wanting to do this for a while, so now is the time! Look for new pieces with different packaging coming soon!! Of course my signature, date, and 1-1 will still be written on the bottom! ;)

Hope you have a great weekend!


Flora said...

That's all a great idea Robert!!!
I loved the packaging you sent to me ,but I do know that it will make a big difference!!!
Also it can get to be a bit much doing the ooak drawings, it can become very time consuming.

Thespa said...

Awesome! Great idea about the stamp on the bottom. Packaging is very important, it can give customers a feeling of being special and important and that can make them want to come back. It's a subtle yet important thing to do, but I do understand that it can be pain staking. Good luck with getting back to personalization.