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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nothing to fear, but fear itself

As you have seen I have changes the header for my blog. There was a Jack-in-the-Box that my parents had that scared the life out of me as a child. I still do not like Jack-in-the-Boxes to this day. Although I am trying to make myself open even one I see and truly get over this phobia! What is your greatest fear? Leave me a comment and share.


Tootie said...

Hi Robert!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. I like your new blog banner!

Leah's Art Magic said...

Hi, Robert
I guess I would have to say I have a clown phobia. Remember those white clown latex masks way back when. I was very little and I was scared to death by a friend of my parents.I think I need to make a few clowns just so I can get over it.


Robert said...

Clowns are frightening Leah-that actually was what popped out of the Jack in the Box- a creepy looking clown-geez- I hate that thing!