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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Snow baby Halloween??


I have an original Christmas piece by this artist, but I am confused Snow babies at Halloween? Why not! These are adorable-check them out!


jenifer said...
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Robert said...

They are cute Jenifer-your daughter will love it! We love ours, unfortunately it is not Halloween. It is a Christmas one. You can check it out at http://enchantedholidays.blogspot.com/
one of my other blogs! Thanks for stopping by! Robert

Tootie said...

Snowbabies at Halloween! Yes, if you live in Northwestern Pennsylvania like I do, you'd buy your Halloween costume 2 sizes too big just incase it snowed on Oct. 31st and you'd have to wear your snowsuit under it! Ha!
Great collection you have of Halloween goodies! Thanks for adding me to your blog list.