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Friday, August 8, 2008

Connie Krizner

This is a piece that I found by chance. I was shopping in a local town and went into a shop called the Whistling Swan. I had visited the store a few times before, but never near Halloween. They have very primitive items and always decorate for the seasons. I went into the store and right as I was about to walk out a witch caught my eye. I really liked the witch and regretted not getting her after I left. I sought out the artist v.i.a. the web and found a piece I liked even better, and ordered it right away. Unfortunately none of my pictures do it justice, but it really is an amazing piece.She had told me the same thing about the photograph she had taken. I am looking forward to putting it out again this year! Her web page is on one of my previous posts if you would like to check her out just link it!

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