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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anthony Costanza

I am going to start throwing out a few pictures from my Anthony Costanza collection. I have been purchasing works of art from Tony since 2001. They are not all Halloween of course, I have Christmas, Easter, and everyday pieces from Tony. He is an amazing artist and a good friend. Here is a picture of some of his work he has made for me. Look for more as Halloween approaches! The piece to the left is the newest piece and you will see a larger similar piece on his website. The ghost, witch, owl, and skeleton have all been made for me in the past two years. They are what I like to call my rouges gallery. We used to have pumpkin carving parties at our house and these characters bring back fond memories of those days each one carrying their own Jack-o-lanterns. We are hoping to re-start that tradition again this year!


Melissa said...

I'm a huge fan of Tony's work!! Thanks for sharing photos of your collection.

Robert said...

There will be more pictures-he is awesome! He is also one of the nicest guys to talk to! He has become a good friend over the past 7 years!

Robert said...


I have added more pictures today.Thanks again for your comment. I did not realize you were the "Halloween Queen!"